Stay focussed on what's important to you.

The remynder ritual will help you stay on track by reminding you of what's important to you. No more getting overwhelmed by urgent matters!


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Empowering you to tame digital overload

The limitless possibilities in the digital revolution also has a flip side. We are often overloaded with information that disrupts our focus, decision-making skills, and even mental health. Practics was created to help you navigate and thrive in the information age.


By giving you:

A foundational model of how we act

To know how digital overload influences our effectivity we believe it's important to be clear on a fundamental model for human action. We call it the 5 acts. All of the resources and tools we provide plug into the 5 acts models.

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Actionable tools & techniques

Practics recommends as well creates its own tools & techniques to help you tame digital overload:

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Insightful resources & content

There's so much interesting work out there. Practics aims to be a mediator between you and the best resources and content to help you tame digital overload. We will also share our own story and articles soon!

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Dive in

The 5 Acts model

The remynder ritual

About us

The Story of Practics


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Practics: People concerned with action or practice.


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